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February: How Did I Do?

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My first month blogging went pretty good. Although I did not do my research yet about how much pageviews a beginning blogger can expect when having put in the work on social media and having done a whole lot of promoting, I’m pleased with the numbers I got. I did not make any money yet, nor did I try to. First, I’d like my blog to be ready for that before I dive into the whole ShareASale, affiliate marketing and Google Adsense thing.

So the big number of the month is…. *drum roll please*

2.482 pageviews

Social media: 
Twitter: 778/1000
Instagram: 916/1000
Facebook: 405/500
Pinterest: 311/250 (yay!)

Also, way more important, I have received some very kind and inspiring messages from readers who appreciate my posts and have learned from it. My blog inspired someone to start their own blog. People retweet my blogposts with the kindest messages attached. It truly warms my heart. So, thank you, my lovely followers! You mean the world to me!

This month has been all about blogging, but let’s not forget about my other goals. My New Years Resolution was to go swimming each month. How did Ido with that? Well. I did not swim. Not even once. Which could feel like a big disappointment, but with my health you just never know and I had other important things to attend to, which also ask for a lot of energy. My dog needs a proper walk each day, which counts as exercise.I’ve been nauseated for like the whole month. My house needs to be cleaned and tidied regularly. And Boyfriend needs some quality time as well ofcourse. All of those things cost energy. So, I’m not disappointed. It was too big of a goal, as it turns out. I will go swimming eventually. My dog is more important. I mean, look at him.

My other New Years Resolution was to read a book each month. I’m doing pretty good with that. In January I read half of Jane Eyre, but that turned out to be a bit much for my limited concentration, so I switched to Candide (for dutch readers click here), by Voltaire (read my post about that here) and finished that one in time. This month I read The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying by Marie Kondo (for dutch readers click here), the tidying guru. I didn’t finish it, but that wasn’t because I haven’t been reading enough. This book turned out not to be my favorite book in the world, though I did learn a lot from it. But reading it from cover to cover in one month is a bit of a drag in my honest opinion. Did you read it? What did you think? I will start with tidying my house soon though using her methods, so it wasn’t a waste of time at all. I just rather read other books. That’s why I started reading Gretchen Rubin’s 40 Ways To Look At Winston Churchill (for dutch readers click here) and I’m excited to keep reading. Also, I picked up a book by a well-known Dutch author Renate Dorrestein (Heden Ik) who wrote about her life when she was ill with ME (like me, read my story here). It’s been a while since I read a Dutch book, I’ve mostly read in English the last couple of years. But this books is making a big impression on me, not only because I didn’t know about her being diagnosed with ME, but also because I’ve been reading about her symptoms and realized I used to have those. Used to, as in, I don’t anymore. The pain in the muscles when you took the three steps to the kitchen yesterday, I don’t have that anymore. Which means I’m recovering, however slowly.

This month I planned a dinner party for several reasons (which I will post about soon!) for a few of our friends, but it got a bit out of hand because everyone invited actually wanted to come and was available on that date (which never ever happens), so it became a bigger party instead. There was food involved though. Our friends all took something with them. And we had the greatest time. I loved seeing them all, and apart from a really sweaty night (I sweat a lot at night when I overdid it the day before), I did not get ill. Progress!

So what are the plans for next month?

I will continue reading a book a month, this time it will be the two I already started. I will be so proud if I finish them both. Also, I will be looking into going back to school (but at home and in my own pace). Imagine that.

Go on weekly walks through nature with my dad and our dogs. I already did that twice this month. Me, walking for 45 minutes. In May of 2016 we had to take a wheelchair to Italy because I couldn’t walk long enough to even go grocery shopping. Imagine me walking for 3 km! I did get that sweaty night to deal with, but it was so worth it. Oh, and of course walking with Kai, my dog, every day.

My man is in a band (check them out here) and has some shows scheduled not too far from home, so I’m planning to attend at least one. Also, I want to go to the cinema with a friend, and the High School Girls (a group of girls I know since High School, if that wasn’t clear) planned to go to dinner sometime this month. Boyfriend’s family has some things planned, and my granddad celebrates his birthday next weekend. Wow, this is going to be a busy month. Very curious to see how I’ll do.

As usual, I want to post at least twice a week. It would be great to have a 100 pageviews each day. I’d love to feature new guestbloggers (contact me if you’re interested!).

Social Media Goals
Twitter: 1050
Instagram: 1200
Facebook: 500
Pinterest: 600

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  1. Awesome job! Crush those goals 🙂

  2. This is amazing! Well done on your stats. Keep it up! Looking forward to your update for the end of the month!

    Foirell |

  3. Hey! Thanks for sharing one of my posts. I am with you on exercise everyday. I badly need it but most of the time I get too lazy or too tired from work. I rarely get an exercise, I know I should try harder. Well, good luck to both of us. 😉 Have a great day!!!

  4. YAY!! Congratulations on these numbers! Being a new blogger is no easy feat. I’m right there with you! 😉 But you are smashing through your goals. Totally inspiring.

  5. Congrats on the new blog! yay! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Wow, sounds amazing. Getting meaningful interaction and response from readers makes it a great day. Yours goals are great too..wish I can follow something like this 🙂

    1. admin

      Thank you so much! Getting a nice response to your writing really makes it worth all the work of promoting haha.

  7. Wow these are amazing numbers!! Congratulations!!

    Ioanna |

    1. admin

      Thank you so much! 🙂

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