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Winging the Candida Diet

March 13, 2017

This is the second day of the Candida Diet. Instead of a glass of wine at 5 o’clock, I had a sour smoothie (no sugar in the first phase at all) with cranberries, blueberries, avocado, a bit of pineapple (I sinned) and coconut-water. Yoghurt (without anything) for breakfast, not my usual coffee but a herbal tea instead, homemade vegetable soup as a snack (I got creative last night and the tomatoes were about to go bad), a pumkpin-sauerkraut dish for lunch (that was before I read that pumkin is a no-go in the first phase), and zucchini-spaghetti with tomatosauce (contained suger, darn it) and spinach (no cheese). It’s quite the research if you don’t have the money to go to a professional. Good thing I love to do research on such things. Being ill really makes you do your homework on nutrition.

Why the Candida Diet (or my non-professional version of it)? After reading my one of my March books called “Heden ik” by Renate Dorrestein (sadly, no translations available to my knowledge), who suffered from ME for a decade, I learned that many ME patients are also plagued by a fungus called Candida, that thrives on sugar and a low immune system. We all have it in our gut and we co-exist just fine, but for some of us, the bastard has taken over and causes fatique and all the other nice symptoms we, the ME-patients, so much enjoy on a daily basis. I am not saying and not even secretly hoping that with the murder of the Candida overgrowth I, or any other ME-sufferer, will be all better. But I will try everything (that is plausible and not too spiritual) to feel better. Even if it’s just 10% better. Anything. This is relatively easy. Watch your diet carefully and see what it does. Of course, if you’re eliminating many foods, you’ve got to make sure you still get everything you need. Again, not a professional. Just winging it and writing about it. Maybe I’ll feel the difference soon, maybe I won’t. But I’m sure trying it. Maybe I’ll even lose some weight, wouldn’t that be nice? Read why here.

If you have too much Candida in your gut, doing this diet will starve them, which will make you feel worse in the beginning. So if I’m even more ill and exhausted as I am now, I guess that will be a good sign and I’ll try not to complain about it. That will be the Candida die-off speaking.

Boyfriend wasn’t even scepticle. Usually he looks a bit wary when I’m monologuing about this new thing I’m trying to relieve my symptoms (which in itself already costs energy. Isn’t it cruel that even enthousiasm robbes you of your energy? I talked to someone who told me she tries not to look forward to things, because any kind of excitement costs energy. And I thought that was the saddest thing). Boyfriend doesn’t want me to have too much hope only to be disappointed again. He’s the one who has to pick up the pieces when I’m desperate because the hope I cling to falls apart. But he knows that if I give up my glass of wine and my coffee, I mean business. So now he just keeps asking “can you have this”, and when I say no, adds “wow, your life sucks”.

By the way, did you know about the awesomeness of coconut-water? I had some in my fridge for a long time, afraid to try it because I heard somewhere that it’s disgusting. But learning about the health-benefits for Candida in particular, I opened the bottle and smelled it. And instantly regretted waiting this long. So I put it in the smoothie and it was delicious. Trust me, you can try it yourself. Don’t be scared.

I’m working on an e-book about my version of the Candida Diet and how I’m doing with it. I will report weekly on the blog, but for details and delicious recipes, I refer you to the still-in-the-making e-book.

At this moment, I’m a bit shaky on my legs from standing a while (washing the dog), but it ain’t bedtime yet. There are garlic-capsules to be taken, magnesium-tea to be made and a meditation to be done. I’m committed. I need you to remind me that I’m committed.

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  1. You got this. You are stronger than you think. Have you tried adding probiotics? The probiotics through doTERRA are the ones I will be using in my next order. I want to strengthen my immune system and that starts with your GI tract. Anything “diet” related is super challenging. It takes determination and preperation. One foot on front of the other… 🙂

    1. admin

      Sorry for the late reaction! Thank you so much for the motivating message 🙂 I’m on day 6 now and feeling a bit better (had a bit of a carb-flu detoxing from everything) and even think I already am less sleepy. It’s amazing what sugar actually does to your body.

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