Kill It With Coconut (Candida Diet Week 2)

I barely dared to log in here, because I haven’t been online in days and didn’t do any promoting so my pageviews are probably very, very low (still haven’t checked). I’ve just been so distracted by this Candida Diet that I don’t have much room for anything else. Plus, my dad came over to move out a broken closet I’ve been meaning to throw out for ages. That left a lot of dust and mess I had to clean up (because dad insisted I let out my frustrations on the closet – long story short, closet is very much dead). Then I had an emergency lunch (today is the first non-candida diet day it turns out) and shopping date with my sister who was going through a heartbreak. On heals. And then I was tired.


Now I’m writing anyway. I have noticed that the meals I have for dinner leave me with way more energy at night than I used to have. Though this diet is not an instant energy supplier at all – if anything, it makes me more tired dealing with it all – the nights seem to be better. I can read longer in the evenings and have enough energy to sometimes watch a movie with Boyfriend. Tonight I had quinoa with veggies and goatcheese. I read that goat cheese is fine and tonight I decided, after reading some candida blogs, that mozzerella is too. So that’s clear now. And that leaves room for more dishes, because frankly, I was losing my appetite having to think up all these dishes with few ingredients. Basically as I understand it, at least at first, you can just eat vegetables. And though I love vegetables, it’s getting kinda boring. The fact that I can’t think of much to eat is also because I just don’t know what’s okay and what isn’t. I can’t afford to talk to someone who’s a professional in this so I’m figuring it out as I go. And that makes me so cranky. And hopeless. And to make matters worse, I didn’t lose any weight. Not even a 0.1 kg. NOTHING. I have been so good on this diet and this is what I get. I don’t understand it. Do I eat too many sour green apples (1 a day)? Does water suddenly have calories? I know weight loss isn’t the reason I started this journey, but it’s a bit strange that I didn’t lose anything, isn’t it?

What is also weird is that I’m suddenly craving sweets, though I wasn’t someone who needed a lot of sweets at all. I’m more of a potato chips and french cheeses kind of girl. (Did you know that pretty much every kind of chips contains sugar? I spent so much time in a supermarket a few days ago, looking on ingredient lists of all kinds of products.) But now it’s really hard that I can’t have honey or banana to satisfy my sweet tooth. I can have stevia, but I haven’t really figured out yet how much you need to make something sweet. Coconut is okay to use, and I love it, so I’ve been having a lot of that. It’s also supposed to be extra good to fight off the candida overgrowth. Kill it with coconut!

Tip: if you are thinking of trying this diet, first do your research on candida-proof dishes. And write it down.

As you can see, week 2 was a struggle. I’m proud that I didn’t give up, because there have been moments that I wanted to throw in the towel. But that’s the thing with this diet. If it was just for weight loss, I wouldn’t have stuck with it, because a few extra pounds don’t bother me that much. I’m doing it to gain energy and strength. Basically I’m doing it to get pieces of my life back. I so desperately want to swim again. I will soon. I want to live again. So I will stick it out. But a cup of coffee every couple of days, how bad can that be?…

Do you have great candida-proof recipes I should try? Please let me know!


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  1. Tee

    Following this as I’m keen to hear your thoughts on it at the end of it all. I tried the candida diet a few years back – it was tough having only a few items to eat but I lost weight and felt stronger at the end of it all.

    1. admin

      I will keep you posted! I was a bit desperate, but I found some nice recipes I’m trying out this week 🙂

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