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March: How Did I Do?

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It’s the end of March already! This month flew by. It’s starting to look a lot like spring and that makes me so happy! I’ve been enjoying my moments in the sun on my balcony and I’m looking forward to the summer. All the fun things I want to do! Though a lot of those plans probably consist of having a nice glas of sweet white wine on my balcony… it’s what I love most! Do you have plans for the summer yet?

This month I set some goals. Didn’t really work on them much. But let’s review. You can read my February review here!

Total pageviews: 2785

A little more than last month. Which is awesome, because I didn’t do much promoting, which means people know their way to my page now and I have some loyal readers. Thank you lovelies!

Social Media Goals
Twitter: 923/1050
Instagram: 927/1200
Facebook: 406/500

Failed. Now, to be honest, I didn’t work social media. At all. The only social media platform I’ve been working on is Pinterest and I did have some gains there. Facebook I barely opened this month. Twitter and Instagram haven’t been very active on either. Bad social media month. I’ve been so incredibly distracted by my Candida Diet that I started this month. I’m in the third week now and it is slowly getting a bit easier, but my mind has been quite busy with what I can and cannot eat and why the heck I don’t feel skinnier yet. It’s been emotional. Read here about my garlic-obsessed week 1 and my coconut-obsessed week 2. So that took most of my energy, because I’ve been having pretty severe detox flu (carb flu, candida die off, however you want to call it, but I’ve been feeling lousy).

Books: I have a New Years Resolution that forces me to read a book each month. I love reading, but I have to make time for it. I do well if I have set resolutions, so this seemed like a smart one. I’m good with promises to myself. This month I read Gretchen Rubin’s 40 ways to look at Winston Churchill. Why did I choose this book? First, Rubin is one of my favorite authors. And second, my common knowledge is definitely nothing to write home about. It’s dramatic. I know things about the brain and the human mind, but I can’t tell you anything about history, topography or anything a 12-year-old should know. It’s something I’m a bit ashamed of. So, since I know nothing of history or people that influenced it, this seemed like a good choice. Furthermore, Boyfriend and I watched the Netflix series The Crown, in which Churchill plays a significant role. His emotion and stubbern ways were endearing to me. I will write a review about the book soon, but if you’re interested already, you can find it here on Amazon and here for the Dutch readers on

So what are the plans for next month? 

Reading about Churchill was very interesting, but I felt the need to add another book that has more of a story in it. What I do then is stand before my book shelf and see what I’m drawn to (I have a lot of to-be-read-someday-books on my shelf). This time it was More, Now, Again: A Memoir of Addiction by Elizabeth Wurtzel. For Dutch readers, you can find it here. She is also the author of Prozac Nation, an impressive book about a young woman battling  depression and medication. For dutch readers, check it out here. I am definitely a fan.

Also, I want to start reading Erewhon and Erewhon Revisited, a Voltaire-like story about a traveller who ends up in a town in which illness is a crime. I’m very curious about this one. It’s been recommended by the dutch author Renate Dorrestein. Can’t wait to start! For dutchies, check it out here.

I hope I can finally start swimming this month. The idea is that doing the Candida Diet will hopefully give me more energy which I can then use to strenghten my body, for example by swimming and walks in nature with my dog. Now all that has to happen is for it to actually work out that way. Fingers crossed!

Again, this is a busy month. And I will go on vacation! (to my parent’s house while they are in Italy, but still, a change of scenery can be good). The band Moon Moon Moon in which Boyfriend plays guitar will have an album release I’m planning to go to with my sister.There is a family day of Boyfriend’s family and I have weekly meet-ups with my oldest friend, who is vegan and very interested in nutrition, so we will be baking the weirest things, not using dairy, sugar and yeast. Today we made something that was supposed to be a sweet cake but ended up being bread-like with carrots in it. Still tastes good! Pics here (it’s very ugly though).

I would love to have about 3000 pageviews at the end of April. But that means I need to be focused and promote the crap out of it, please help me by sharing! 🙂 If you’re interested in guestposting of me guestposting for you, feel free to contact me!

Social Media Goals
Twitter: 1050
Instagram: 1200
Facebook: 500
Pinterest: 600

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To leave you with a happy feeling, here is a picture of the cutest dog alive (mine).

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  1. Hey! Nice to meet you and thank you for your lovely words on my post about happiness ( and thanks for sharing it too…)
    Isn’t the Happiness project a great book? I’ve read it a couple of years ago and it was really inspiring. It’s nice to meet a fellow book lover…are you on Goodreads? ( I’m obsessed with that site )
    Good luck with the page views, I’m helping your social media count by following you on Instagram and twitter (the two socials I actually use ). Hugs!

    1. admin

      Hi Bobbi! Nice to meet you too! The Happiness Project is my favorite book, everytime I need a little inspiration or motivation I just read a paragraph and I´m good to go. I´m definitely a book lover but because of my illness reading doesn’t go very fast yet (because I’m always very tired and have problems concentrating) so I’m only reading one book a month. I am on Goodreads I think but I haven’t really explored it yet. I will now that you say you’re obsessed with it though!

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