How to heal: physically, mentally, spiritually

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“She’s got that whole purpose driven

warrior princess

save the world type vibe.”

Are you ready to take your recovery into your own hands and take back the power? I’m here to take you on my journey toward healing my body, my soul, my mind and my heart. Every night this is what I pray for and every day this is my mantra: Strong body, strong soul, strong mind, strong heart. 

While I was recovering from a chronic illness called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E), I thought it was all about gaining my physical strength back. Helping my body be healthy again is still my main goal, but I found out that it is equally important to spend time healing the other aspects of myself too. Because it was not just my body that was hurting, it was also my mind (insecurities, fear), my heart (grief) and my soul (identity struggles).

I have been severely ill. Of course there are people who are even more miserable than I have been for the past two years, I even know them personally. But I was pretty damn sick too. For two years I could barely leave my appartment, had to give up college, lost my ability to read, to follow conversations, to walk. It’s been bad.


I’m healing now. And I want to help you heal too.

The fun thing about your world being turned upside down is that you get to start all over. It’s a brand new you. You can be whoever you want to be. You can create the life you dream of. Even if you haven’t been ill, what is stopping you from starting all over? You’ve got this one life. Live it!

The one thing that helped me most during my recovery is:

I went vegan. I started praying. And I finally gave meditation an honest shot.

That’s right. And I will tell you all about why you might want to give that a try too. Originally I went vegan for my health, but as I started to learn more about it I decided I needed to be an animal rights activist to help the souls who cannot speak for themselves.

I am commited to a high vibe lifestyle! We need more love in the world! We need a shitload of positive vibes! Does this sound like you? Join my tribe!

On this blog I will share everything that I learn on my path toward health and happiness.

On my quest toward health I’ve been inspired by dr. Greger’s awesome work How Not To Die (body), the books by Gabrielle Bernstein (soul) and Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project (mind).  There will be lots of interesting information ánd tasty recipes on here, so subscribe to my newsletter to keep posted!


If you are interested in the term Spoonie, check out this article.



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