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Hi! So here I’m supposed to write an epic About Me page. Never done it before, but let’s give it a try! First, let me introduce myself. I’m Lianne, 25yo and I’m currently living in the town I was born in, in the Netherlands. Don’t you think I never left this town since birth: I actually spent my entire childhood in a very small town a few miles down the road. Now, I’m back living here with my boyfriend, my cat Karel and my new rescue dog Kai that we adopted just a few months ago (best. decision. ever). Yeah, I should travel more.

This website is called TheHappySpoonieProject for a few reasons. First, because I’m a spoonie. This term has become very normal to me and the people close to me, but if you don’t know what it means, here is a little explanation. I will do a blogpost about it to explain it further. Being a spoonie basically means that you have a very limited amount of energy to use up in a day. I would say my normal amount of energy these days is about 20-30% of what a normal, healthy person has. Usually, the cause of this is an illness and often it is chronic. In my case, I’ve got a chronic illness called myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) also known as Chronic Fatique Syndrome, though there is a lot of discussion about the naming since this illness means so much more than only being fatiqued. Fatique is my primary symptom though and to give you an idea of how I’m doing on a daily basis, I feel like I’m walking through water all day, every day.

But being ill doesn’t mean my life is over. It does get hard, I’m not gonna lie. It’s a difficult life in many aspects. But it’s my only life, so I’m determined to live it to the fullest, within my abilities. That is the second meaning of the name: I want to be a happy spoonie and I think I’m on the right track. I do hope I will recover some day and I’m working toward that every day.  I want to share my journey with you in the hopes that you will learn something valuable for your own situation.

The reason that I called it a project is simply because I love projects. I’m a big fan of goals and thinking of ways to reach them. I’ve read in an amazing book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (I’m going to recommend this book A LOT in my posts, so you might as well get it now) that reading about one person’s journey toward their goals, even if they are totally different than yours,  can be more inspiring than studying up on all the information in the world regarding your goal. So that’s what I’m hoping to accomplish with my blog on this website. Inspire, make you feel like your not alone in this, educate and also just have fun. I will be honest and will share a big part of my life with you. Reading this blog, you will really get to know me. And I love to get to know you, so reach out at any time on my social media!

I’ve always been a writer, but since this year I also proudly call myself a crocheter and a knitter. No, that’s not just for the elderly anymore (though sometimes I do feel like I’m 80 years old). I love everything yarn-related. I mean, I’m seriously addicted to buying yarn (Boyfriend will gladly confirm this). There is something magical about taking a skein of pretty yarn and turning it into a scarf, or a hat, or whatever the heck you want it to be. I’m rebranding at the moment, but I will let you know the minute my Etsy store re-opens. You can contact me for custom orders.

In this blog, I will write about all things health and happiness with the occasional yarn- and recipe-posts (I also love to cook! Experimenting with low-carb at the moment, so stay tuned!). Hopefully I will have monthly guestbloggers. These are people I admire, people with chronic illness, people with something interesting to say. If you think you’ll fit here as a guestblogger too, don’t hesitate to contact me and we’ll discuss it!

If you’d like to know more about me and my spoonie story, read this article. Due to my limited energy, I will not be posting regularly, predictably, like I wanted to when I first started. I decided I don’t need the stress. I will post whenever I’m inspired and able. If you subscribe to my email list, I will keep you posted!

I hope you will enjoy my writing and I would love to hear from you through comments and my other social media! Don’t forget to subscribe! 🙂

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