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Why I Love Everything About Kismet Collections

There is nothing I love more than people who are actually trying to change the world, bit by bit. I try to promote and be one of those people. It doesn’t matter how small, any step in the right direction is absolutely wonderful. And vital, too.

I went vegan for health reasons (highly recommend it!), and stayed vegan when I found out about all the cruelty and the impact dairy- and meatindustry has on the world. More on that in another post. That decision was so good for my soul! I want to do more! Knowing that my actions really do have an impact on the world is thrilling, because I’m determined to help the world heal and do whatever I can to be a light in the world that gets darker and darker. Have any suggestions? Let me know!

And then I found Kismet Collections. Here is part of their story (borrowed from their website):

High Vibe Lifestyle- Founded in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Finding inner peace through building a spiritual sanctuary through community and personal practices, yoga, and meditation is the core of what we want to share with the world.

We work hard to support small businesses and local artisans by showcasing their unique and handmade products for the spiritual community so they may help to manifest joy through the sharing of gifts and to promote a pure and organic lifestyle.
Every year, a portion of our profits go back to the community in raising funds for helping to develop spiritual artists and to support the children and families of local businesses offering organic and animal-friendly products around the world.
Products we know and care about, and that we want to share with the world.
We strive to encourage positive change in the world through our little store… one item at a time.

And the products they sell! It actually blows my mind and makes me very greedy. I want it all! Beautifully made products with honest pricing. Worldwide shipping. Lovely people. Definitely worth a look, especially because it’s SALE at KISMET COLLECTIONS! Whoop whoop. No better time than the present! Fill up that cart and take a step in the positive direction! Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for their september giveaway!

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