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Veganism: All or Nothing?

I’ve got a confession: I’m not a perfect vegan.

I wear leather shoes because my nice neighbor lady next door gave them to me when I told her I found out none of my shoes were waterproof when it was snowing outside and I had to walk the dog. She didn’t really wear them. I didn’t have money to buy new shoes. I still don’t. I will wear them till they are done. When they are, I will not buy leather shoes again.

Some of my supplements, like melatonin, contain lactose. I’m not going to throw them away. Next time, though, I will watch the ingredient lists better. I will pay more for the vegan option, because I don’t want gelatine in my body.

I don’t think the wine I drink is always vegan. There’s a rumor some fish substance is used in the process of making wine. I should look into that, and then I will probably look for vegan wine.

And I have had cheese twice in the nine months that I’m vegan. We were out to dinner and there was no real vegan option. I consciously chose to have cheese and I enjoyed it (because cheese is very tasty and addictive). I will never use it in my own house, and I will always choose the vegan option. But if there is none, I will go vegetarian (simply because I cannot ever eat meat again. That is far behind me).







I’m vegan 99% of the time. And I am fine with that. At some point in life I think cheese won’t be appealing to me and I won’t have it ever again. Maybe that time is now. Maybe I needed that last cheese dish to ensure a vegan future.

But the Vegan Club will show me the door when I say I’m a relaxed vegan. That is not to be promoted. They are strict. They are angry. You’re vegan or you’re not. I guess I understand, but I don’t agree. In the Guidebook of Perfect Vegans, it says that you have to be perfect from the first moment on or what you do doesn’t count at all.

I’m angry too. I hate what humans do to animals like we own their souls. Like they don’t feel anything. Like their babies are worthless to them, and to the world. I hate how we think we are better than them. But anger doesn’t get you anywhere. Being an angry vegan costs you more than being a more relaxed vegan, someone people can talk to and ask questions. That’s what I think anyway. You can’t tell people what to do, they won’t follow your angry orders. You can be a good example though.

I will not bite your head off if you have a cheese sandwich next to me, and I won’t even comment on the meat on your plate. I don’t say anything when I’m grocery shopping with my mother and she buys a whole chicken. I will say something if you give me an excuse like “Oh, but this chicken has had a good life. It lived for 80 days, free range.” Yeah. Then I do have something to say.

My friend just asked me if I know any good meat substitutes. Fun fact: she fooled her boyfriend who thought it was actual meat what she served him. She said she wants to try to not have meat twice a week. I can only applaud that. Awesome. Good for them! I’m a proud vegan friend here.

Some people would say that’s not enough, but I think it’s a great start. You gotta start somewhere. Rome wasn’t built in a day. People don’t change overnight. I personally think any step towards eating less meat, dairy and eggs is absolutely awesome.  Of course, if I could make the world change overnight and ensure that there will be no more slaughterhouses, no more babies taken away from their mother to steal their milk, and no more egg farms in the poor condition that they are in, I would in a heartbeat. But it doesn’t work like that.

Don’t ever hesitate to tell me what you’re doing. Or to ask me what the best meat substitute is. I will not guilt you into going fully vegan right away. Instead, let’s help each other, try things out. Let me bake you a vegan birthday cake and see how you like it. One less meat-day a week. I’m all for it. I just want you to think about where your food comes from and what effect your eating habits have on the animals, our planet and your own body. Educate yourselves. That’s all I ask. I mean, look at them. They are too precious to discard without a second thought.



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2 thoughts on “Veganism: All or Nothing?”

  • Nothing makes some people feel better than pointing out the flaws of others. (Or what they see as flaws.)

    I think 99% vegan is perfectly vegan enough. It doesn’t have to be completely all or nothing.
    I too have wool and leather products that I have had for years. (years!) I don’t see the benefit in throwing out something that I use on a regular basis, simply because it’s made from a material that I’d not choose to purchase today. I’m not made of money, and I don’t like contributing to landfills. Yes, when they’re at the end of their useful life, I will replace them with a vegan safe alternative.

    Don’t let the vegan mafia (no offense intended toward the actual mafia) keep you from feeling like you are making a difference.

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